Skylanders Cloud Patrol

Skylanders Cloud Patrol 1.9.6

Fast action arcade game with plenty of unlockables

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is an addictive arcade-style shooter with some RPG elements and enough unlockables to keep you entertained for hours. View full description


  • Simple, intutitive game play
  • Adjusts difficulty with skill
  • Tons of powerups and unlockables
  • Dynamic environments


  • Should be free to play
  • Graphics not optimized for the new iPad

Very good

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is an addictive arcade-style shooter with some RPG elements and enough unlockables to keep you entertained for hours.

Game play

The premise of Skylanders Cloud Patrol is simple. Trolls have broken out of prison and it's your job to shoot them all. Gameplay is straightforward and reminded us a bit of Fruit Ninja. You can simply tap on a troll to shoot it or make combos by dragging your finger to link up several trolls at once. Skylanders Cloud Patrol rewards bigger combos with higher scores and more coins.

Coins allow you to purchase more gems, which unlock upgrades and new characters. If you want to unlock the items quickly, you can pay real money with the in-app purchasing system to get them.

Though gameplay stays the same throughout the game, Skylanders Cloud Patrol keeps things fresh by increasing the difficulty according to skill level. If you're good at the game, Skylanders Cloud Patrol will speed things up and throw more bombs at you. If you hit a bomb, it's game over.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol features boss battles where you have to hit a certain number of trolls in their bunker. You will have to be quick and strategize about how to link combos.

Performance and Graphics

Skylanders Cloud Patrol performs well on both the iPhone and iPad with no stuttering or crashing. The graphics are acceptable, but not impressive, especially on the new iPad. The graphics aren't taking advantage of the iPad's high resolution, so text and menus look a bit jagged. Hopefully Activision will update the graphics soon.


We were impressed by the sound of Skylanders Cloud Patrol. There's high-quality voice acting during the tutorial and some trolls say hilarious things like, "I can see my house from up here!" after being blown sky high.


Skylanders Cloud Patrol has earned its place at the top of the App Store with its fun and intuitive game play. Things never get boring and there are plenty of challenges and unlockables for you to collect.


  • All New Powers! Your Skylanders are becoming more powerful with new special abilities including: Trigger Happy has all new Golden Anvil Rain that smashes everything; Stealth Elf shoots with super speed; Terrafin can now shoot rocks for an extra bonus; Legendary Bash explodes all bombs with a Max Combo.
  • Bigger bonuses and goals! New Elemental Coins with big bonuses and coin collecting goals for level 20+ players.
  • Timing is everything! Now there’s less time for Trolls in Hideouts to regroup and improved pacing in mid-to-late stages.
Skylanders Cloud Patrol


Skylanders Cloud Patrol 1.9.6

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